Dr. Kim Ki-bum
MISOGAIN Dermatology

I was surprised by the unexpected healing effects of using SMARTLUX MINI. For example, the results of applying eczema to patients who were difficult to be treated by various methods were very satisfactory and skin was rapidly regenerated when used for wound and burn treatment. In addition, we experienced a stable recovery of patients who had over-reacted after laser treatment, and we became convinced that light therapy could be an effective treatment method.

Dr. In Seung-gyun
HUMAN Dermatology

The hospital should have a lot of SMARTLUX, because there is no place where SMARTLUX is not used. It is used actively in various post treatment such as laser and skin care shop. Medmix is ​​a very reliable and trustworthy company.

Dr. Jeong Chan-woo
JF Dermatology

It became possible to do comfortable skin treatment minimized discomfort. SMARTLUX is what I refer to as necessary treatment for clinics in dermatology.

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